Twilight of The Four Seasons

The last days of the most legendary restaurant in America.

This piece was a finalist for the 2017 James Beard Award.

The Cathedral

The Martha Stewart Virtual Reality Experience

Much like The Four Seasons Restaurant, Martha Stewart sits at the intersection of celebrity, media, and food. Sit across from Martha Stewart and co-managing partner Julian Niccolini as they chat about life, love, and the history of the storied restaurant in this 360-degree augmented reality video.

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July 17, 2016, 1:38 AM.

The Four Seasons Restaurant closes after the final service.

CLOSER_MFG (Gary He's conflicted copy 2017-01-15).JPG

99 East 52nd Street

The landmarked restaurant space inside The Seagram Building was taken over by Major Food Group, the masterminds behind Carbone, Parm, and ZZ's Clam bar.

CLOSER_FS (Gary He's conflicted copy 2017-01-15).JPG

280 Park Avenue

Four blocks away, Alex von Bidder, Julian Niccolini, and their team began construction on their new restaurant.

It is called The Four Seasons.